Marah Marie (marahmarie) wrote in s2expressive,
Marah Marie

Solved! Day-View Date Header, Comment Form Horizontal Rule, Graphics Removal

Break out the aspirin - time to give everyone a headache :). How the heck can I do the following?

1.) Remove the horizontal rule that appears right above the words COMMENT FORM on the day view of an entry?

Example here:
Screencap here:

2.) Remove the graphic that denotes the end of a journal post from my Calendar page and Subject pages (the wide, skinny, colorful graphic) - while leaving it visible on the entries themselves?

Example here: - and here:
Screencap here:

3.) Change the color of the large date-header seen at the top left of the entry on day views and the color of the words COMMENT FORM from #444 to that soft blue I'm using on the layout?

Example here:
Screencap here:

Got question #3 licked (if anyone is curious the code for it is h2 {color: ##53a9d5} - pretty easy). Still need questions #1 and #2 answered, though.

About the CSS: a Mixit theme done by grrliz and modified by me on a paid account.

If I'm not being clear enough about what's wrong or what I want to change please let me know.

Tags: entries:divider, pageviews:entry, pageviews:month, pageviews:year
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