The Philomath (unspooling) wrote in s2expressive,
The Philomath

issues: usericon and timestamp

Journal: unspooling
Status: paid
Using theme layer 11813862 (don't know how to link to it directly)
Layout designed by carriep63 (the layout CSS I've been using is here)

The two customizations in the theme layer are for the following:
(1) Changing what appears on the subject line when no subject is written; this one works.
(2) Changing the format of the timestamp... the code I added (from here) does not work.  Why is that, and can someone make it work please? :D

As for my other question - if you go to my journal you'll see that it's been customized such that the link bar and metadata are on the right side of the entry.  Is there a way to make it so that the usericon and userinfo for the entry are on the right side as well?  I looked through the tags and I couldn't find a workaround for my particular problem. 

Thanks very much!
Tags: entries:linkbar, entries:metadata, entries:timestamp, entries:user icons
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