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Firefox bug for screened comment indentation in threads

In Firefox, screened comments in threads are not indenting. They therefore appear to be starting new threads, when they should be indented below their parent comments.

I've noticed this bug on my journal for a while now. I think it started when the dashed border was added around screened comments. However, I always assumed it was just a flaw in my own custom CSS, which I'd try to get around to fixing some day. Just now, though, I changed my Theme to various other Expressive Themes, and the same bug is happening on all of them.

Then, since I use Firefox, I checked in Internet Explorer, and everything is showing up correctly there. The bug seems to be Firefox-specific. (I am not sure about other browsers or previous versions.)

(I removed the text/username/icons from these because they are screened comments on a friends-only entry.)

In Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11 (correct indentation):

In Firefox (screened comments are not indented):

These screenshots are using my Theme (Unstyled) and my custom CSS, but when I changed my Theme to other Expressive Themes (I tried "Autumn Kyoto Setting Sun" and "Carson Red") I experienced the same bug in Firefox.

Additionally, non-expanded screened comments ARE properly indented in Firefox:

And when expanded, they are still indented correctly, but they do not have dashed borders:

This makes me suspect maybe the code that adds the black dashed borders to the screened comments is somehow overriding the CSS that causes the comments to indent, since screened comments without the border don't have this bug. I have no idea why this is happening in Firefox and not IE, though.

Anyway, I thought I would point this bug out to see if there's any way to fix or work around it. I did find the entry here about removing the black dashed borders, but I like them, and if there's any other way to fix this bug I'd rather do that. (Aside from switching to IE, that is.) Thanks in advance for any help.
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