Marty Greene (martygreene) wrote in s2expressive,
Marty Greene

Display entry tags below entry title? Also some color tweaking

I'm working on re-designing the layout for the community gardening right now.

1. I'd like to have the tags on entries be displayed at the top of the entry, below the entry title, rather than down with the meta data.

2. I'm looking to tweak the colors of the dates and widget titles. It's been a long time since I've fiddled with LJ layouts, s2 and the like, so a bit of guidance would be much appreciated.

3. Also, in the comments view- some comments have a different background color than the one I set- any thoughts on why and how to fix? Example here:

Thank you.
Tags: comments:colors, entries:header, entries:metadata, entries:misc, entries:timestamp, sidebar:headers:colors
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