Intoolate (anti_aol) wrote in s2expressive,

RESOLVED! Need Complete Code for Hiding Date/Time on Entries

This one is for av8rmike - last week you posted part of a print function to hide the date and time on entries that watchmebe requested, and while you knew what was in the code she posted that didn't make it through the validator, I don't -

(Edit: actually, I'm not sure if I need any part of the code she posted besides the date/time function you reprinted in the comments - reading through it there are edits to the usericon and other portions of the code that I don't need).

So I guess the real question is: is all the code I need to change the date/time here?

I want to rework that code for Bloggish so I can (finally) change one of my entries (the sticky post at the top of anti_aol - it's had the wrong date on it for two years!) - and I want to take the modified-for-Bloggish code and publish it as a new tutorial on s2_bloggish.

Also, before I forget - if I use the code you give me to hide the date and time, can I still keep my top post on top (assuming I don't change it's current date - Dec. 11, 2008)?

Thanks for your help.

ETA, 5-8-08: Resolved - code for Bloggish users is here.

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