Lady Mink (lady_mink) wrote in s2expressive,
Lady Mink

Page Width Help

Hello s2 Gurus. I need some help since I'm pretty new to s2.

I'm using Firefox, but IE still does this to an extent. I've got a wide screen laptop and when I view any of my journal pages or friends pages, there's a huge space on either side. I'd like to up the width on the whole page so that it takes up more of the screen, but I don't want to make it fixed to a specific pixel width. For example, if I were to make the window smaller, the page would still fit despite the resizing. I hope I'm explaining that clearly enough. If not, here's a picture of what I'm seeing. (The far right column is my IM program, not part of LJ.)

Anyway, I've looked through previous posts and I tried adding:
#alpha, #alpha-inner { width: 860px; }; as well as
#content, content { width: 860px; };

I've changed the width value to all sorts of crazy things, as well as trying 100%, but nothing alters the width. Any ideas? Thanks!
Tags: page:size
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