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Linkbar seperators & user icons - SOLVED

Hello again~ haha. S2 Coding is giving me a huge headache today!

Anyway, I am trying to follow this entry here, and do pretty much the same thing with the seperators (replace the "I" marks with dots or even remove them completely) but I am still getting this:

Also, there is a "I" at the end of the graphics, too, that I would like to disappear forever if possible!

My theme layer thing is here (I hope I'm linking this right) and it is for this journal sleepingchild.

EDIT: I have another issue...sigh:

Since the little bald man icon url change, I was trying to fix it, and had my icons lined up nicely before, but now I can't seem to get them to line up nicely with the text.


See how the icons aren't lined up properly? I want to get it back to a nice order. The same thing is going on with my security icons; they aren't lined up either:

Please help. =(
Tags: entries:linkbar, lj icons:security, lj icons:userinfo, s2:theme layer
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