the heart of Saturday night (emerging) wrote in s2expressive,
the heart of Saturday night

In need of one last thing..

Hello everyone! I'm new here, but thank you all so muh for your helpful advice. I have set my entire page up on my own, and everything has worked, except one little thing: My visited links, including the header ("paperback writer") is stuck at that color blue, and userinfo/friends/entries links are stuck at dark tan, and are nearly unreadable. How do I change this? I am currently on Expressive Headphones.

I used this code:

a:hover {
color : #000;

.current a:link,
.current a:visited,
.current a:hover {
color : #000;

.asset-content {
color : #000;

.asset-meta-comments a:link,
.asset-meta-comments a:visited,
.asset-meta-comments a:hover {
color : #000;

.asset-meta-list .item {
border-color: #000;

.comment {
color : #000;

.widget-content {
color : #000;

and it changed MOST things to black, except visited links including my header. What am I missing here.

Thank you very much!
Tags: entries:links:colors, header:nav links:colors, page:links:colors
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