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Tag cloud on one's tag page.

  • Sep. 13th, 2006 at 12:06 PM
I like the look of the tag cloud, but I find it too busy for a sidebar, so when someone in s2flexisquares posted a tutorial on how to put a tag cloud on one's tag page (there's also a tutorial on how to put it in the sidebar above that, but we don't need that here obviously), I jumped on it. When I switched to expressive, I missed my tag cloud on my tags page, so I decided to see if I could tweek the flexisquares code for it to fit expressive. I was happy to find it wasn't hard, and thought I'd share in case anyone else would like this too.

To save myself the trouble of having to copy and past massive amounts of code, I'm going to have you start by grabbing the code from over there, and following their directions. You can compile your layer if you want, it won't harm anything, but your subject line won't match anything you already have. What you need to do to make it blend in right and pick up your formatting from your entries is replace everything from "#### Print the tag cloud in an entry-like post ####" down with:

print """
<div class="post-asset asset">
<div class="asset-inner">
<div class="asset-header">
<h2 class="asset-name page-header2">
<div class="asset-content">
<div class="asset-body">
<br /></div></div></div></div>


I am still rather awkward with digging through layers to find the information I need, so there is a chance that there could be a better way to fix the part I had to change. If anyone sees a better way to do this, please comment and I'll update the entry to include the new information. Thanks to the s2flexisquares community for the original tutorial.


Sep. 14th, 2006 07:20 am (UTC)
The only time tables aren't a nightmare is when they're used correctly for what they were intended for, data. There is no excuse what so ever to use them for anything involving the structure of one's webpage. Especially if you're going to play the nesting game. That's the thing that really ticked me off with component, it couldn't bother to use cell spanning to use just one table, which is bad enough in itself but much more stable, no it had to nest a dozen or more tables within itself. That's part of the reason that layout times out so much, tables take forfrellingever to load, they put all sorts of pressure on the browser, on the server, and if you have even a slightly bogged down connection, will often blow up in your face, no matter how carefully you nest them. So I stand by my tables == teh devil statement of earlier. I probably only get so passionate about it because I've been working with web design for a while now. I've embraced web standards because they're so easy to work with, even when you have to cripple them to work with IE. There are often IE specific dren you can do to fake those features Microsoft hasn't gotten around to adding to IE, even though they've been a standard for a while. I'll spare you my IE/Microsoft rant though.

I'm sure if you can find someone who's pretty good at programming in s2, they can come up with a modification to the tag sidebar module to just grab the top so many, a random selection, or something else fun and useful. It's crazy what you can do with s2 if you've got programming experience, patience to learn the ticks of the language, and a good idea source.

My weakness is the programming end, so I'm good at copy and paste hack jobs with a system I hardly understand, thus leading to tutorials like this one, but when it comes to actually coming up with something more fancy than transitioning something from one style to another, or a simple "are you logged in?" thing (and that actually required some help, see the next entry in the community for that mess) I'm not much good past the idea stage. I really am a HTML and CSS girl, programming languages and I haven't really gotten along yet even though I'm trying to reach an understanding with php as it's so helpful on web pages. I'll have to see if I can dig up one of the people I've known who's really good with the programming end of things, as your idea for the tag sidebar module is cool and should be done.
Sep. 14th, 2006 08:45 am (UTC)
Right there with you on the IE workaround crap and poor use of tables. I deal with it all day at work too and could cheerfully throttle the IE developers.

There was an earlier tutorial on yanking the highest ranking tag out of a tag cloud, so it could probably be tweaked to limit the sidebar tag count to a set number. Not that it matters, as I'm happy with my scrolling list instead. I just thought it was a strange oversight to make from the initial developers.

I'm currently trying to port a Component hack for the topbar navigation from Component to Expressive, but there have been enough changes in the code base that it borks on compile. Most annoying, especially when I'm sure it's something basic. Once I get that sorted and previous/next links added to individual posts, I'll be happy.

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