Jen (calophi) wrote in s2expressive,

Tag View: Change Entry Order From Descending to Ascending

Here's hoping I'm making this clear enough to get proper help. :)

One of my journals - calscripts - is a story archive. When someone clicks on a tag, I would like the entries under that tag to be displayed from oldest to newest, because obviously, chapter 1 will be older than chapter 10! It needs to be at the top!

I looked through the community but all I could find were entries for the initial tag display, and nothing for modifying what comes after you click a tag, eg:

If I could get some direction as to where to look, even that would be helpful. I noticed that when you go to customize an expressive theme, you can set the day and archive pages to show the least recent first, but you can't do that with the tags.

Edit: To clarify, I need some sort of test to know whether a page being displayed is a tag-filtered page, so I can only reverse entries on those pages (since they could as "recent" pages).
Tags: $acct level:paid or perm, advanced, pageviews:tags, s2:theme layer
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