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a mixed bag of things...

Hello! I promise I browsed this community thoroughly for what I wanted, and while I found a few things I wanted to change, there were others I couldn't find at all or they're not properly tagged (I'll also try to properly tag this entry for other people).

What I hope to change:

-To shrink the font size in the top header. Fixed!
-Same with the header in my entries (including my flist, my day pages, main page, etc). Fixed!
-To remove the "Previous 25" link located at the top of all pages (flist, day, etc), but leave the bottom link untouched. Fixed!
-To move my mood theme and my music bar to the beginning of all entry pages instead of where they are now (at the end). Fixed!
[strikethrough]-To remove the tag bar from all pages except my flist page.[/strikethrough]
-Permanently remove the location bar everywhere. Fixed!
-To change the Georgia font to something else. Fixed!
[strikethrough]-I want "(no subject)" when someone on my flist (or me) doesn't post a subject line instead of the date, but the date displays next to the time as if a subject line really existed.[/strikethrough]

Is this possible?

Edit: I had a ton of tags listed, but they all disappeared after I posted. :(
Tags: entries:header:font, entries:metadata, header:nav links, page:skiplinks
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