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Help with border/background thing

Hello all! It's a pleasure to join you all (it's such a useful community, eh? ;D) I've come today with a few inquiries that I couldn't find in the tags elsewhere...

I'm using Cityscape (Expressive) by Tiffany Chow, and I have a basic account, two column with the side bar on the left. On my profile, depending whether one uses Firefox or IE (I'm using both), there's this ominous teal bar I wish to get rid of. In IE, it's really large and is on the right of my page content; in Firefox, it's a few pixels wide on both the right and left sides. Does anyone know how to get rid of this? I'm not sure whether to classify this as a border of the inner page or as a background image, so I put them as both :) Any help is appreciated, and sorry if I tagged it incorrectly...

Tags: page:backgrounds
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