_loveclaire (_loveclaire) wrote in s2expressive,

entry padding, sidebar color, and link color problems. - solved!

okay, i once again have to apologize if the solutions to these issues are in previous entries. i've spent about an hour trying various codes and i just can't seem to solve my problems, which are:

1. how do i get rid of the giant white spaces between my entries and the header, as well as my entries and the footer? i would like them either to disappear (this is the ideal), or be the same backround image as the rest of my journal.
2. how do i change the link colors in my entries (notice how the lj cut is blue), as well as in the tag list at the end of my entries (also blue)?
3. how do i change the color of those double blue lines in my side bar?

i am using rocket, with a paid account.

i don't know why i can never get it right by myself when i change layouts, especially since i do it pretty frequently. this community is great, and i appreciate all your help.
Tags: entries:links:colors, page:alignment, sidebar:borders
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