Mister Baltimore (av8rmike) wrote in s2expressive,
Mister Baltimore

Tutorial Updates and Known Issues

No one has been asking about these things (not that I mind!), but the latest code push added some features to layouts:
  • A yellow "double lock" icon on entries filtered to custom friends groups
  • A "Groups" field in the metadata listing the groups to which an entry has been filtered, if applicable
Note that both of these items are only visible to the journal owner. However, MonthPages (i.e. http://community.livejournal.com/s2expressive/2008/03) will show the private "eye" icon on all non-public posts. This has been fixed, but will not go live until the next code release.

I've updated the "Mood icon to the left of metadata" and "Changing metadata order" tutorial codes to include the "Groups" field, for anyone who's using the previous version and not seeing that information.

Finally, another known issue: The comment thread expander, added to Expressive a few months ago and recently expanded to most layouts, uses JavaScript for its implementation. Therefore, if users try to customize the EntryPage::print_comment() function, the compiler will disable the thread expander code. At the moment, I don't have any information on when or if this behavior might be corrected.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions.
Tags: !announcement, bug:lj issues, comments, entries:metadata, lj icons:security, pageviews:month
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