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I'd like to thank this community and the following people for the help! (Header, BG Image, Text Colo

I'll start by saying thank you because I was very new to expressive five hours ago and thanks to the posts that I perused, I was able to feel my way around customizing a very basic stylesheet, and when the stylesheet I started with didn't have what I needed it to, the entries here helped me to correct it. There were times I felt like asking for help but did not because I found the help that I needed. So...

The following entries really helped me and I THANK YOU, sincerely for your knowledge:

"Changing Header Image and Related How-tos" by: av8rmike,
"How To Change Background Images (css)" by: nimoloth, and
"Color of Text, Change Text, & Separator Bar by: raginglunatic.

Thank you all.

To nimoloth: I did have a slight problem, and that is figuring out how large to make the background image so that the film strip in my layout is visible on both the right and left of the content if the image is centered, (seen here.) Any thoughts?
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