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Color of Text, Change Text, & Separater Bar

Hello there,
I have just switched to Urban Noir, and love it. Perfect change from what I had before.
I trotted around this site and another you had linked to in regards to getting sitemeter added. After many hours of frustrating clicking, I finally managed to get it done. (Frustrating because I'm a retard when it comes to this, and had to do a lot of learn as I go in regards to the language and where things were.)

Now, I have a few things I'd like to change and it'll be perfect (I do have a paid account.). But I'm in dire need of step by step instructions. Go here>>click this>>paste that>> etc.
If you'd be so kind as to help me with these, I'll be your best friend forever. Really.

1.) Anonymous comment text: [(Anonymous) wrote:] Would like to change that to: [Incognito Entity wrote:], no parenthesis or italics either.

2.) The color of the text for the links in the sidebar, and the links at the end of each entry (comments, edit, track this, edit tags, etc), and the text in the body/entry--I'd like them all to be a shade or two darker. I know about hex codes and use Color Cop, just need to know the code and where it gets edited.

3.) Change the color of clickable links within the body of the entry.

4.) I'd like a separator bar at the end of each entry, preferably leaving about a half inch or so before the previous entry begins, once it's posted. And not at the top of the entry most recently posted (will detract from the design of the header---which I like very much as is.)
I did find information here about this particular want of mine, but I didn't understand it, or where to put it, or how to get there! (I do have a clear idea *now* on how to edit the code, where it goes, and the create a layer thing, so no worries on that front.)

And THANK YOU for your efforts here regarding all these questions from everyone.
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