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adding header help

I am using a Mixit layout that didn't come with a header and am trying to figure out how to add one. Here is the header coding that came with the code originally:

The person who created the layout, more recently posted another layout where you could add a header code to the end to add your own custom one. I copied this code and added it to the end of my CSS coding, and only a portion of the header showed up in the top righthand corner underneath my profile/calendar etc. links.

Here is the header override code I tried:

I'm not very good with codes, and I've tried altering the header area with tips from the header problems in this community, but it's either done nothing, or put the header into the same position as the above override. I'm thinking I have to override a header disable code the layout maker added, or I'm not putting things in the right place. Either way I'm not sure how to fix it and add the header.

If anybody know how to fix my problem I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.
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