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Mood and Music Location - Playful Cherry


I've recently changed from a style contest layout to Expressive - Playful Cherry. I like the layout as it stands but was wondering if it was possible to make a couple of small changes to the way it displays. I'm a total CSS n00b so I have absolutely no idea how easy it would be to do these. I've tried reading the tutorials but I cannot make head nor tail of them and am worried about making matters much, much worse...

The journal is sevendials. I have made no CSS fixes to the layout as it stands.

First and foremost, I really want to move the 'current mood' and 'current music' text to the top of the entry instead of the bottom, preferably so it displays next to the user icon. This was the way things were set up on the Style Contest theme I was using, and I really liked it. I don't really like the way the journal entry text is indented around the icon and would rather have the mood and music up there instead. Is it possible to move these so they display more neatly?

Secondly, I would quite like to make the sidebar slightly narrower. At present, the gap on the right side of the calendar and user icon is noticeably larger than it is on the left side. Could this be resized so it looks slightly neater?

Any help you could give me regarding this matter would be gratefully appreciated. I checked the tags and couldn't see anything that clarified things for me, but I apologize if it's already there and I overlooked something.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: entries:metadata, sidebar:size
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