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Expressive Background and LJuser gif Help

I have two issues to be addressed here, neither of which seem to have been covered. If they have, my apologies.

Firstly, here is my journal, and here is the code I am currently using.

I would love to be able to ask the designer for help, but I posted an inquiry more than a month ago, and there has been no response. It is an Expressive Winter based design, with obviously, quite a few alterations.

1. The user gifs (I think that's what they're called -the little people in front of user-names) keep coming up with half of the gif cut off. I've tried increasing the size allowance, but it doesn't seem to have done any good.

2. If you go to my journal, you'll see I have a pattern in the background, which only goes down about halfway,. Does anyone know how to make it repeat over the whole background? Preferably not moving as you scroll, but I'm not too fussy at this point.

If I've left something out, or anyone can help me, I would love it. I'm not very good at HTML, so I've been pretty much puttering along in the dark, and hoping I don't hit something . . .
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