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Move nav bar into sidebar or forcing it to align right as a list

Probably an obvious question, but I'm not seeing the answer. This is mostly asked out of curiosity, since I can think of at least one way to do it manually.

I've removed the nav links from the header of a page I'm designing because I couldn't get it to look right with the banner (I needed it to align right in the top right corner with each link on a separate line or as one long line along the bottom right and it kept collapsing to a list in strange ways). I'd like to continue to have the links available on the page.

Is there a simple way to move the nav links from the header into the sidebar, or should I just add it to the links list or a custom text section and hardcode the links in?

Or if there's a way to force the tags into a list that aligns to the right in the header, that would work too....
Tags: header:nav links:placement, sidebar:linklist
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