frijo (frijo) wrote in s2expressive,

Date/time line in entry header *solved*

The entry header in my journal looks pretty much like I want it to look (after having followed some of the advice/tags here), but for some reason there is now a huge gap between the entry header and the date/time line. How do I place the date line directly beneath the entry header? Is it possible to do it with css? If not, I have a paid account and use my own theme layer... Thanks in advance, and also thanks for your fast answer yesterday!

ETA: Hm, the gap seems only to be visible in Opera... Firefox is not a problem, Konqueror either. Don't know about IE. Anyway, since I mostly use Opera, it would be nice to have a solution for this opera-specific problem :)

ETA 2: And while I'm at it ;), is it possible to align the userpic to the right side/border of the journal?

ETA 3: And that is what it looks like in IE 7...

But I want it to look like this:

Tags: entries:timestamp
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