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Tag List and Guidelines

Tags are up for s2expressive!

Tags are one of the easiest ways for users to find what questions have already been answered. Only mods can create tags, for this comm, but all users can apply them. Please tag all your posts. In fact, if you see any post that does not have tags or that seems to need another tag, please add it! A list of tags, divided by category, with some notes on how to use them is below. An alphabetical list appears in the comm's sidebar, as well.

Tags available for this comm:

By type

  • How to

  • Contribution - Any contribution that is not a How To guide, such as documentation or style sheets.

  • Advanced - Any post that requires extensive knowledge of CSS or the manipulation of layers to understand or implement should have this tag.

By topic

  • Css

  • S2

  • Layout - for things relating to the layout as a whole, like width of the whole thing.

  • Header

  • Header nav links - The Recent Entries, Friends, etc. links at the top of the header area.

  • Entries

  • Entry header

  • Entry footer - The Comment, Memory, Track, etc. links at the bottom of each entry.

  • Entry divider

  • Metadata - Your music, moods, etc.

  • Comments

  • Sidebar

  • Backgrounds

  • Links

  • Colors

  • Images

  • User icons

  • Date/time

  • Tags

  • Bug

  • Misc - Anything that does not fall into one of the above categories.

By account type

  • Paid - If something is specific to paid accounts, for example creating S2 layers, add this tag to the entry.

  • Plus - If something is specific to Plus accounts, add this tag to the entry.

Tags that start with a ! are for official use only, please do not apply them yourself.

Moderator use only

  • !announcement

  • !beginners guide - Quick guides for beginners.

  • !tutorial - Specific and/or in-depth instruction.

  • !old - Tutorials or information that have become obsolete with new code releases.

Tags: !announcement

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