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I took the plunge yesterday and decided to rework my LJ completely. I started with Bunnylicious Blue (the theme I'd been using) because I liked the way it was laid out and I'm not that familiar with css.

With the help of the entries in this lovely community I've got just about everything the way I want it. I swear I went through every post twice as I was tweaking the thing.

The one sticking point I've run into is a 1px white border that runs to the left of the subjects of posts on my LJ and my friends list. I did manage to change the color of a similar border alongside the posts themselves, but I've been staring at the css sheets until they're just a blur, and I can't figure out what attribute controls this.

You can see it here hhertzof. It's about 20px to the left of the vertical burgundy line separating the sidebar from the main page. It's just barely visible against the background color.

My other question is simple...I think. How difficult would it be (now that I've got the page the way I want) to take the custom css that I've created here and remove the Bunnylicious Blue base/reproduce it with no theme selected? I know I've got some commands in there that are used to cancel out items from underlying style sheets, so I'd like to eventually clean it up and remove the original theme entirely.


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Dec. 31st, 2007 03:04 am (UTC)
I looked at your pages for maybe 10 minutes, and I'm not seeing any 1px border. Are you talking about the indenting of the title to the right? Or am I missing something else, like a browser compatibility thing?

For the second question, it's not that hard, but would probably necessitate using the "Your Styles" page to attach the auto-generated layer to other styles based on different themes.
Dec. 31st, 2007 03:25 am (UTC)
No. As I said it's almost unnoticable (and it might not even be visible on a lower resolution screen.

There's a 1px white line in line with the left side of the icons, but only on the subject area (it was all down the page, but I figured out how to remove that part). Because of the light background it's almost impossible to see unless you know it's there. And it probably isn't worth fussing about, but I thought there might be a simple fix I was missing. Thanks for looking anyway.

As for the other. I might play around with it in the future, then. I just wanted to make sure it didn't require doing the whole thing from scratch, as I don't think my css is up to that.
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